September 10 (Saturday)

For breakfast we had to go downstairs and walk through some winding tunnels, dimly lit and with statues that reminded me of Haunted House during Halloween. The restaurant was two or three buildings away from the hotel and on the other side of the street, quite an adventure before coffee.

Unfortunately, the breakfast itself was not very good.

Left the hotel at 9:00 am. Visited the Main Cathedral in the town square.

On the way to Torun, Stopped at Badkowo, St. Matthew's Church where Dan's etc. grandfather was baptized, who emigrated to the US in 1907. There was a funeral going on, with the same family name so could very well be a relative.

Next stop the cemetery where no known names were found, some familiar names though.

Waited for the funeral procession to go past.
Next stop Slupy Mate village, Felix and John (the two brothers) were born here.

Bush break for some on the way.

Next town Siniarzewo, John Debinski & Teresa Climczak (Felix's parents) were married in 1868. Stopped at the St. Jacob's Church where they were married.

Next a brief stop at Dobre and then on to Sedzin. Stopped in front of a Church to walk around. Adrienne's grandmother (father's mother) may have been baptized at the Church.

Bathroom break at a gas station at the entrance to the highway.

Lunch break at Chata Garalska, Ciechocinek; mushroom soup in a bread bowl.

Food - A
Service - A

Drove to ToruĊ„, guided tour of Old Town including Copernicus house etc. The guide's name was Johann, a typical entertaining guide and I enjoyed it very much. His favorite line to any of Trish's questions was "2 rooms later".

The frog story was very neat. As a group we agreed that Bob had a family resemblance with Copernicus, and he good naturedly put up with our teasing from then on.

Checked in at Hotel Filmar at 6:30 pm.
Dinner at the hotel
Food - A-
Service - B-

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