September 7 (Wednesday)

On the flight:
Breakfast - hot ham and cheese with 2 cups of coffee, juices. A rather small sandwich.
Scheduled arrival at Warsaw 2:15 PM
Actual - 1:05 PM

Yousef, our driver for the duration met us at the airport, Grzegorz our guide was held up coming from his home town of Krakow and met us at the hotel.

Yolanta and Edmund also came to receive us at the airport, that was neat. Her grandmother is the oldest of the four sister.

Checked into Novotel and with the rest of the group had Okocim, a Polish beer.

Guide - Grzegorz (Gregory), went over the itinerary. Welcome dinner was at 6:00 pm at the hotel, and was great. Drinks were included.

Yolanta and Edmund came over after dinner to the hotel, a little later joined by their daughter Ka Sha, her husband, and two daughters.

We retired early, the family discussion was still going strong.

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