September 6 (Tuesday)

Left home at 3:00 to reach Coach USA bus terminal at 3:45pm, met up with the 5 others. We were all wearing our red t-shirts designed by Cathy. All except hubby of course.

Dan posed with the name tags that Cathy had made matching the t-shirts.

Milwaukee - ORD by 4:10 pm bus. (The driver is cranky with everyone)

I forgot to take the three pears out from the car, hopefully they won't rot too bad.

Arrived ORD at 5:45 pm and met up with the rest of the group, all in the red t shirts of course. There is a total of 13 of us going on this trip.

Check in went smooth.
Julie had to check in her hand luggage, they didn't charge her for the extra check in. In fact they went back to get her luggage so she could take her Nook out, that was a pleasant surprise for all of us.

Hot dog for dinner at the airport.
Security check went fine, I had to go through the body scan equipment Sudip got a pat down after the body scan.

Chicago (ORD) - Warsaw (WAW) - LO 0004 (Boeing 767-300)
Scheduled Departure 9:50 PM
Boarded at 9:15 PM, seats 12G and 12F, flight pulled back from the gate 10 mins ahead of schedule and left on time

Dinner - Pierogi & ingredients for a ham sandwich with water. No seconds for drinks.
Relatively smooth flight with patches of light turbulence.
Location: Enroute

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