September 11 (Sunday)

Breakfast at hotel with omlettes made to order for the first time.

Left for Bydgoszcz at 9:10 am. Took the bypass around it. A bit of trivia - during the 16th century Bydgoszcz had the biggest mint in Europe.

Arrived at Krosztowo at 11:15, Andraszczyk (Andrae) family was from here. No known names were found in the cemetary. There was a mass with many in attendance. There is statue of a waitress advertising a bar/restaurant near by. A huge German Shepherd was next door.

No known names.

Next stop at Niezychowo, no known names found.

The passenger door of the bus would not remain shut, and was eventually held in place with a bungee cord.

Crossed a river where people were boating and/or fishing. Taking the country roads all the way to Poznan. Passed through some nice towns/villages.

Lunch stop at Chodcziek, NESTOR, a self service wayside restaurant with excellent facilities.
Food B+
Service Self Service.

Checked Novotel Central around 4:00 pm at Poznan. The hotel is across the street from an Old Brewery renovated into a shopping plaza, called Story Brower, meaning Old Brewery. Our room was changed 3 times due to a bad smell from the bathroom.

Sudip and Bob had a Zywtec in the hotel bar.

Dinner at Piano Bar, located at the shopping mall across the street.

Novotel Hotel
Facilities C
Service C
WiFi Fickle

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