September 15 (Thursday)

Breakfast at the hotel, not as good as yesterday but still good.
Left for Wieliczka Salt Mine (UNESCO World Heritage site) at 8:35 am
Excellent tour by Katerina our tour guide. The tour was amazing and definitely worth all the stairs, 800 in total to a depth of 125m.

The lighting and ventilation was very well done and maintained. Our guide told us that people with asthma find it easier to breath in there. Just about everything is salt including chandeliers stairway, walkway.

We saw 22 of the 200 chambers. These are the only chambers for tourists. The oldest ones we saw are from the 17th. century. The oldest one is from the 15th. century and is being renovated to hopefully open for Eurocup 2012.

Many of the chambers are also being renovated. There are some chambers that are specifically for Geologist, they were the proper PPE, carry CO detectors and are accompanied by mining foreman. These usually take around 5 hours and have to be booked in advance.

The way up is on a 4 chamber elevator and runs along the original mine shaft. It holds 36 people, 9 in each chamber and is called the "man cage". It travel at 4m/sec and reaches the top in one minute. The whole process was very organized and a great experience even though we were packed tight. There is a person from the tour operators that accompany each elevator.

Lunch stop at Siedlisko, a wayside stop 40 km north of Krakow on International Rd # 7. The name of the town is Miechòw.
Food B+
Service B+

Left my purple jacket behind, Julie picked it up for me. Thanks Julie.

Pit stop at McDonalds in Radom, 60 miles SE of Warsaw.

Got in too late due to an accident, so went to directly to the restaurant for our farewell group dinner at Oberża Pod Czerwonym Wierprzem (under the red hog), done in a communist style basically insulting the communist regime. The painting on the wall depicts the communist leaders of the world at dinner in non flattering poses.

Food C-
Service D

Gregortz has changed a lot, he has been making extra efforts including finding out and providing me with the location of today's lunch stop.

He made arrangements with the Polonia Hotel next door, to hold our main luggage during our overnight Gdansk trip. Thank you Grzegorz. .

Checked in at Metropol Hotel after dinner # 616
Facilities C
Services B
WiFi Paid

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