September 19 (Monday)

Breakfast at hotel - no toast, limited hot food choice.

Historical City Tour with Schönbrunn Palace. Got picked up from the hotel at 8:55am, arrived at the depot at 9:45am. Being a Monday morning, the roads were crowded and the pickups difficult.

The population of Vienna is 1.2 million and it has 23 districts.

Left for the tour at 10:00 am, the guide was very good and gave commentary in both German and English without missing a beat.

She showed us many sites, including, State Opera House, Museum of fine arts, Academy of diplomatic studies, Engineering University, Natural history museum, Parliament, City Hall, the Stock Exchange (designed in Greek style). We passed two Identical buildings, one is a RR station and the other Museum of Arts from where music is broadcasted to 150 countries every New Years Day at 11:00 am..

The tour ended at the Opera House and we went in to have lunch at the Mozart Cafe.
Service A
Food A
Pleasantly surprised to get free WiFi for customers.

After lunch we walked around found St. Stephens Cathedral, which had magnificent architecture. Even though we didn't go in, the out side was fantastic. We got cornered by a group of young men and women selling Mozart concert tickets. Of course there is a clown in every group and one young man was trying to convince us that he was Sharoukh Khan (a Bollywood idol).

We then bought a 72 hour metro pass and used it to stop by the Spanish Riding School to get the details of the training schedule. We hope to see this training tomorrow.

Dinner at the hotel:
Food B+
Service C+


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