September 17 (Saturday)

Breakfast at the hotel.

Large spread tastefully laid out.
Left at 8:30 am by bus, went with our guide to Westerplatte, the port on the Baltic where WWII started for Poland. The fighting lasted two weeks, one of the Polish soldiers (one person only!) wanted to surrender before that but the others didn't. There is a memorial for the people who died there. Yolunta told us that the ships lower their flags when they sail past that location today.

I did get a glimpse of The Baltic from this location and would have loved to spend sometime watching all the ships sail past.

We then proceeded on to Malbork to visit the castle. There were 3 parts to it. All the parts were worth visiting. One part has been preserved without any renovation. Excellent examples of technology for heating, acoustic etc. Interestingly the Teutonic Knights, adapted technology from other parts of the world that was suitable to them.

Yolunta is from Malbork, which made her the perfect guide for us. I very much enjoyed her personality and knowledge. She went with us to the train station to make sure we were on the right platform for the Warsaw bound train.

Got on the scheduled 12:27 pm train without any incidents. Saw 12 more windmills and Lake Dzierzgoń, soon after we got up on the train.

Lunch while passing by a Fish Farm.

Stations/landmarks not noticed before.
Iława Głowna - long stop
Fish Farm
Muntowo - rolling stop.
Slowed down and finally stopped but not at a station - very long stop.
Announcement in Polish, not understood. Two fast trains whizzed by. Finally restarted, only to slow down again.
Śweircze - 4:50 pm
Warszawa Płudy
Warszawa Wachodnia - long stop, bathrooms were cleaned and garbage collected.

Arrived in Warsaw at on time at 6:10 pm. Warsaw is the only underground station. Josef met us at the train station and took us to the Polonia Palace Hotel.

Checked in at Polonia Palace Hotel to be reunited with our luggage. We freshened up and had the buffet dinner at the hotel, thanks Bob for scouting this out. The dinner was wonderful with many appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. The first glass of wine was included, with a choice of white or red. I had the red, which was a blended Cabernet and Merlot from Chile. It was very smooth and went well with my dinner.

Adrienne and Cathy joined us as we were finishing. They had a great time with Yolunta and her family. They also went to the the farm with them. Yolunta's husband Edmund drove them in a Toyota Land Cruiser, which got a kick out of Cathy.

Food A
Service A+
Restaurant employees accommodative, helpful and friendly.

Polonia Palace Hotel
Facilities A
Service A-
WiFi Only in lobby, bar, and restaurant.

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