September 20 (Tuesday)

Slept in this morning, and had a late breakfast at the hotel.

Took the U3 to the Spanish Riding School to see the Lipizzaner Stallions exercise. The horses were gorgeous but the tickets were overpriced considering the lack of viewing areas and the fact that the horses did not do anything but walk around.

We left after about an hour and had coffee and pastry at the café on site. Sudip had his favorite, apple strudel.

Now it was time to locate the Medical School that my father went to. So we then took U3 back to Westbanhof and switched to U6 that took us to the General Hospital per the directions given by the front desk at the hotel.

The hospital was very modern and more like a small city with great train access. At the hospital we realized that this was too new to be what we were a looking for. As we stood there with the map in our hand, a woman doctor came over and volunteered to help and gave us great leads. This is so typical of Vienna, everyone is so willingly helpful.

We took U6 back to the University area and found the Medical School. Then had lunch at the Café that has typically been a favorite of the students for a long time, a great possibility that my father may have had his meals there as well.

The meal was very good but the desserts were amazing. Again the free WiFi was a bonus.
Food- A
Service. A

We then took many pictures of the Medical School and hoped it had not changed so much that my father would not recognize it. I hope he does and I am looking forward to his reaction when we show him the pictures.

From the University area we took the Circular sightseeing tram and eventually got down in front of the Parliament House. This is in Greek style with a statue of Athena in the front.

We walked around and took in some more sights, it was chilly and started to rain so we took U3 back to Westbanhof and the hotel.

After a short rest we went to the Bar & Grill across the street for dinner. It had a family style diner and we shared the table with another couple, who inspite of a language barrier showed the typical friendly nature of all in Vienna.

Food. B
Service. B+

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