September 22 (Thursday)

The hotel had breakfast packs ready for us but couldn't provide any tea or coffee. Left for the airport at 5:45am and arrived at 6:15 pm.

Check in went smooth and had rolls and coffee at the airport cafe.

LO 5222 (Tyrolean Airways) - de Havilland Dash 8-400 (Altenrheim)
Vienna - Warsaw

Scheduled Departure: 8:40 am
Arrival and departure on time. The flight was smooth and generous leg space for it's size.

Vienna was a pleasure. I can not get over how beautiful the city is and most importantly how wonderful the people. Everyone is so willing to help, irrespective of how old they are or what they are doing. It started from when we first stepped out of the airport and on to the shuttle bus. Some of the people worth remembering and mentioning are:

1. The young girl on the shuttle bus who took us under her wing from the beginning and keeping us posted on how far we have to go before our stop.

2. The gentleman from Bangladesh in the hotel restaurant, who gave us pointers on taking city tours and ideas on sight seeing. It was fun talking to him in Bengali if nothing else.

3. The person at the front desk, who searched the Internet to find the address of the Medical School so he could give us directions.

4. The 2 men and one lady who helped us find the Medical School and the University.

5. The fellow diner at the Mozart Café who took it upon herself to explain to me what a Pike-Perch was, when the waiter was unable to. She also assured me that there were no bones when I showed some reluctance to try it.

There are many more who helped us and gave us information always with a smile on their face.

Vienna is a dessert lovers delight and although I am not much of a dessert person, I could easily become one in Vienna.

I missed proper planning for this trip, realizing too late that we could have stayed 2 more days in Vienna. There will be a next time, there has to be, there is so much this city and it's surrounding has to offer.

Back in Warsaw on time, met up with the Andraes and Hodorowskis and waited for Adrienne, wondering if she had decided to stay back after all. She finally arrived and we all breathed a sigh of relief not having to explain to Dennis why Adrienne didn't come with us.

It is only too obvious that we are back in Poland. No one smiles, makes eye contact or offers to help. The highlight of the Poland part of the trip was definitely the visit to the Farm, the warmth and reception we got was something to always remember.

As for site seeing, the Salt Mines were "It" for me. I am not at all fond of underground spaces with no windows but I could have definitely stayed for hours longer.

The LOT flight out of Warsaw left 30 mins late. It had to wait for a connecting flight from Krakow.

The flight went smooth and uneventful, that was nice. There was more food served than most airlines, the seats however, were just as cramped as the flight going over. The customs and immigration went smooth as did the bus ride home. We had a driver with a real quirky sense of humor which was entertaining.

The Endeavor did not smell nearly as bad as we expected for the 3 pears left in it for 16 days.

All in all a very nice trip.

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