September 9 (Friday)

Breakfast at the hotel Left for Wloclawek at 9:30 am. On the way picked up flowers and vodka. The Wisla (Viswa) flows all the way. In about an hour entered the countryside. The family farm in Cwiersk is around 30-40 miles out.

Bathroom break at Plonsk.

The family visit in Cwiersk was wonderful. They were very warm and welcoming. The 92 year old grandmother who keeps to herself, made a special effort to come out, greet us all warmly, and sit down to have lunch with us Young Marzena did a great and tireless job of acting as the translator; considering the size of the group that was a mammoth task.

We had a grand lunch complete with champagne and home made vodka. The food and drinks specially the drinks seem to have never ending refills The Urbaniak farm was quite big and the house spacious. We said our goodbyes after 2-3 hours and were escorted to the cemetery where Dan (and others)great grandmother was buried. Julie and I stayed back in the bus while the others went to visit.

A funeral procession went past the van, singing hymns. The casket was protruding out from the Mini Van's tail gate.

Afternoon transfer to Wloclawk, checked in at hotel Mlyn. This was an interesting hotel converted from a salt mill, all the rooms were suites and were large. Some of them even had 2 bathrooms.

Dinner at hotel - grilled pork, 2 kinds of sausages (smoked and white), trout. Salads and fruit juices.
Food - B+
Service D-

We each had coupons for a free Screwdriver and four of us took advantage if it.

We also took the opportunity to discuss the cold and apparent uninterested behavior of our guide Grzegorz and how starkly different this was than most guides we have had individual experiences with.

I do hope he loosens up and is a bit more interested in answering our questions than he has been so far.

Hotel Mlyn
Facility. B+
Service. B
WiFi. Free and in all rooms.

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