September 18 (Sunday)

Breakfast at the hotel, and said our "Goodbyes" to the Group. We are going in all different directions today. Mary Lou, Dale, Bob, and Cathy back to Chicago, Dan and Trish to Frankfürt, Joe and Nancy to Berlin, and us to Vienna.

Left for the airport at 8:00 am to fly to Vienna
LO 5221 (Tyrolean Airways) - de Havilland Dash 8-400 (Kärenena)

Scheduled Departure: 10:40 am
Arrival: 12:05 pm

Arrival and departure on time. The flight was smooth and generous leg space for it's size. Coffee and snacks served on the flight.

As soon as we got out of the Vienna airport, the helpful and friendly nature of the people won us over. We Took the shuttle to Westbanhof, at all the previous stops we were cautioned by helpful people that it was not our stop.

The Hotel (Fleming's) was about a 40 min ride and the bus stop was at the same location as the metro station. The hotel itself was about 1500' walking distance from the bus stop.

It was a nice a easy walk and we checked into the hotel, the front desk was very helpful and friendly and apologized for our room not being ready for our early arrival.

There was free wireless available every place in the hotel, the only catch was that the password was valid for 10 hours of actual usage and separate password needed for each device and log in needed after a period (never figured out the duration)of inactivity from the iPad. My Android phone remained logged in during the period.

We left our luggage at the front desk and went in to have lunch at the restaurant.

A waiter, originally from Bangladesh greeted us and waited on our table. I have to say it was a very neat and enjoyable experience sitting by the sidewalk in Vienna drinking cappuccino and speaking to a complete stranger in my native language.

After lunch we walked around and figured out what we were going to do the next day, including buying bottled water.

We had an early dinner at the hotel, accompanied by Austrian red wine and retired early. I was given two different red wines and frankly didn't like either, one was barely drinkable.

Food. C
Service. A-
Facilities B+

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