September 21 (Wednesday)

Breakfast at Hotel

Picked up at the hotel for the Romantic Danube Valley Tour. It took about 45mins to get out of the city area and into the valley.

The scenery was beautiful and bus very comfortable. The bus took us to Spitz for the one hour up river trip to Melks. There were a few old Forts and historical sites along the banks including one in which King Richard The Lion Heart was held for ransom.

After disembarking at Melks, we went in to have lunch at Melker Stiftsrestaurant
Food B
Service B+

Tour of the Abbey with a local guide.

It is 2 hectares of built up area that sits on 5000 hectares property. This is a working Abbey and only a fraction was open for tours. Just about everything was worth seeing. The library is very well stocked and anyone can use it with permission.

Couple of the Highlights were the all wood clock and the treasure box with 7 locks and one key.

As always, there wasn't enough time to spend on all the details. After the Abbey tour we came to the city center.

We had dinner at the Mozart Café, and in true Austrian fashion the Lady two booths down explained to me what the fish was that I was asking about. I am extremely impressed with the helpful nature of the people. We don't even have to ask, people stop and say "may I help you".

Food C
Service B+

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